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Foundation Never walk alone

The Never Walk Alone Foundation has been launched with a vision to combat violence and sexual assault in order to create a safer society for everyone. The foundation is an initiative started by Charlen Larsen, a dedicated entrepreneur who has personally experienced the devastating consequences of sexual assault.

Never Walk Alone's overarching goal is to spread awareness, increase knowledge, and contribute to a change in attitudes towards violence and sexual assault. Through training programs, workshops, seminars, and information campaigns, the foundation will work to educate and inform the community about violence and sexual assault, as well as contribute to creating safer environments for young women.

Charlen Larsen's story is an inspiring journey that has led to a powerful commitment to preventing violence and sexual assault. After experiencing a traumatic event in her own life, Charlen decided to turn her pain into strength and take the initiative for positive change.

Charlen has used her personal experience as a driving force to develop groundbreaking safety features through the renowned bSafe app. With this app, users can have instant access to essential safety features and necessary assistance in emergency situations. This has helped save lives and provide people with the tools they need to feel safe and protected.

Through the Never Walk Alone Foundation, Charlen Larsen aims to expand efforts against violence and sexual assault by spreading knowledge, raising awareness, and engaging the community. The foundation aims to offer training programs, workshops, seminars, and campaigns to educate people about sexual assault and how to prevent it. Furthermore, the foundation will engage and collaborate with businesses, schools, media, and political authorities to influence attitudes and create change and a safer society for all.

We all have a shared responsibility to address the issue of violence and sexual assault. I have seen and felt the consequences up close, and it has driven me to take action, says Charlen Larsen. I want to create a movement for change, where everyone can be safe. Together, we can create a culture of respect, safety, and equality, says Larsen.

Through collaboration with ambassadors, partners, and sponsors, the foundation will work to influence attitudes and behavior, as well as promote respect, equality, and safe environments. The Never Walk Alone Foundation encourages everyone to join this important work to create change and combat violence and sexual assault.

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