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Some essential tips to ensure our safety walking alone at night

🌙 The quiet beauty of the night can be alluring, but let's not forget the importance of safety as darkness falls. 👁️‍🗨️ 💡 Let's remember some essential tips to ensure our safety:

1️⃣ Trust your gut: If something seems suspicious or uncomfortable, avoid it and make your way to a safe place.

2️⃣ Stay informed: Always share your nightly route with someone you trust and use your mobile phone as a tool to stay in touch. Feel free to have a conversation on the phone with a close one on your way home.

3️⃣ Listen and observe: Be aware of your surroundings. Our ears can be just as important as our eyes when it comes to detecting potential dangers.

4️⃣ Get a companion: If possible, walk with someone when you're out at night. It adds an extra layer of security.

5️⃣ Keep emergency numbers handy: Always have the emergency number available and ready to use. Safety comes first!

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